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July 26, 2008: Posted June board of directors meeting minutes and created an archive page allowing all minutes for the current year to be accessed. Corrected calendar and some typos.


July 22, 2008. Posted call for nominations to the Board and the nominating committee.


June 17, 2008: Posted May board minutes and corrected calendar of events to reflect changes in the locations of Board of Directors meetings. Adjusted committee memberships.


June 10, 2008: Updated election rules following discussion at most recent board meeting. Posted first call for nominations for director or officer in the announcements.


June 5, 2008: Updated Board of Directors minutes and agenda pages. Added link to new election rules from the announcements page.


May 14, 2008: Updated calendar of events with revised beach clean-up date and information about location of future board of directors meetings.


April 20, 2008: Updated e-mail addresses for board and committees. Confirmed meeting location for the annual meeting in October. This should be a great night at a new, larger site. Make plans now to attend! Lost & Found and Community Bulletin Board data bases recreated and linked for use.


April 6, 2008: Updated Board of Directors minutes and meeting agenda. Calendar items for May confirmed and updated with publicity. Date for annual meeting changed.


March 1, 2008: Updated Board of Directors and Committee member lists. Updated calendar for 2008.


November 10, 2007: Removed bulletin board and lost and found items from home page per board instructions.


September 8, 2007: Calendar updates include a change in the time of the annual meeting from 1:30 to 1:00 on October 13,a change in the Mob Neck Road cleanup from September 8 to October 20, and the addition of the White Sand Harbour Yard Sale on September 15. Minutes of August board of directors meeting posted.


August 4, 2007: A new right column has been added to the home page to clean up the announcements and point to new sections on the web site. Visiting the bulletin board, lost and found, or board of directors meetings is now easier. Note the new announcements: Board of Director nominations are sought and electrical outages in the neighborhood from lightning strikes are causing problems with circuit breakers. Board minutes from the July meeting were approved at the August meeting and have been posted.


July 29, 2007: August board of directors agenda posted. New Lost & Found feature added. Is your missing stuff there?


July 24, 2007: Important announcements loaded -- board position openings and a burn ban. Front page rearranged to make it easier to find board meeting minutes.


July 6, 2007: Corrected committee listing.


June 3, 2007: Added materials from Board meeting. Added photos from the recent beach party. New President's corner added. Please send photos to webmaster@whitesandharbour.org.


March 10, 2007: WSH Property Owners' Association Address now a part of footer at bottom of opening page. Board agenda from 3/3 added. Board minutes from November meeting posted. Committee and board of directors membership lists updated. New President's Corner posted.


March 1, 2007: Board of directors and committee memberships page has been updated to include all of the new officers and committee volunteers. Note the burning ban until April.


January 15, 2007: Happy New Year everyone. A new President's corner has been loaded. The calendar for the 2007 year is now up -- mark dates now for board meetings and social events.


September 20, 2006: New President's corner loaded. Calendar updated. Note the link to the fall road clean-up. Read the President's Corner! Bruce has done a good job summarizing the effects of the storm and what might have been had we not taken the beach preservation project.


September 5, 2006: Photos loaded from Labor Day weekend visit of Tropical Storm Ernesto. Thanks to Bill and Chris Crouch for sharing their pictures.


August 8, 2006: New president's corner note added.


June 22, 2006: New president's corner note added -- old messages archived on a separate page. Photos from the Beach Party have been posted. Mail yours to the webmaster and they will be added.


June 4, 2006: New president's corner posted and calendar updated. Watch for pictures from the beach party to arrive shortly. Anyone who has digitial photos may send them to the webmaster or any board member for posting here.


May 14, 2006: Photo gallery of the beach preservation project has been completed. Many thanks to Bill Estell for sharing his photo collection that documents the project for the beach enhancement at White Sand Harbour. New President's corner has also been added.


May 3, 2006: Northumberland County has lifted the burning ban as there has been considerable rain recently. Minutes of the April Board meeting have been posted. Agenda for the May Board meeting is posted. Note the beach clean-up on May 6 and the beach party on May 27. Respond to the invitation delivered to your residence or complete the RSVP form on the web.


March 13, 2006: The domain www.whitesandharbour.org has been successfully transferred and the site is fully operational. President's corner has been reformatted so that only the most recent article is shown with previous articles relegated to an archive page. Announcement regarding a change in the campground rules passed at the last board meeting has been posted.

March 7, 2006: Uploaded some great pictures from the Christmas tree lighting back in the fall. Calendar updated.

March 2, 2006: Posted board meeting minutes and March Board agenda. These are on the Board of Directors / Committees page. Photo gallery also getting some work. Watch for new entries.

February 12, 2006: Updated committee list. Added community bulletin board. Post a message or see what others have to say.

February 8, 2006: Continued work on updating pages to new format. Changed location of March board meeting (see the change by clicking Calendar at left) and updated committee list.

February 2, 2006: Fixed links for consistency of navigation. Added announcement regarding dues payments.

January 31, 2006: Began construction of photo gallery. Includes some shots from annual meeting and before and after photos of the beach preservation project.

January 24, 2006: Calendar for 2006 posted on a redesigned page consistent with newly designed front page.

January 6, 2006: New Board and Committee assignments placed on a redesigned page consistent with newly designed front page.

January 2, 2006: Redesign of front page to include weather bar and photo of White Sand Harbour area.

December 27, 2005 : Begin process of transferring domain from Lighthouse Computers to Foosweb.com.